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What kind of difference can Neuroptimal make?

"Missy and Neuroptimal helped me "get my life back"!  I found Missy during a desperate attempt to reclaim my life after surviving an abusive relationship.  I was barely eating and sleeping.  I was relying on anti-anxiety medication to get through the days and nights.  I felt hopeless, and I was suffering from some post-traumatic stress.  After one session, I was able to fall asleep quicker than I had in years and I slept through the night for the first time in months.  I have also struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for over 20 years.  I was unable to drive on the interstate without the aid of anti-anxiety medication.  After 12 sessions of Neuroptimal brain training, I was able to drive over 80 miles on the interstate without any medication.  

I no longer rely on medication to calm down and fall asleep at night.  I have regained confidence in myself.  I am taking better care of myself---exercising, eating well, and getting plenty of rest.  When I experience setbacks in life, I am able to move through the emotions and recover quicker than ever before.  Missy and Neuroptimal have empowered me to live the life I have always imagined for myself."  (K.S. from Little Rock, AR)

“Before I found out about NeurOptimal, I had always been a second guesser, had test anxiety and had difficulty with attention and organization.  I was never diagnosed with anything, so I never took medication for these things.  I could multi-task but I might forget to finish something if I had something else come up that needed done right then.  In high school and college, I would always second guess myself and make myself sick before and after taking my exams.  I was in my senior semester of nursing school and I had recently failed an exit exam and only had 3 more chances to take it.  I knew somehow this had to be better than what I was doing before.  I didn’t have anything to lose!  Just after 4-5 sessions, I started becoming less distracted and was able to focus more attention on things that needed to be done with school and not second guessing myself as much.  I was also able to achieve the deep sleep that I didn’t realize I was missing!  After 7-8 sessions, I started to feel much more confident in the answers I was choosing on my tests!  I began to immediately recognize which answer was the right one, because all answers on tests in nursing school are correct, but only one is most correct.  I was also able to focus better on studying for my exams, which helped tremendously with the test anxiety I was having before. After session 9, I was also able to boost my exit exam by over 200 points than it was the first time before I started NeurOptimal! I was relieved because I had finally passed and was able to focus on graduating! I continued to take sessions before finals and my state board so my brain could be completely in sync with itself and was able to pass them as well!  I truly believe NeurOptimal helped me achieve this success!  Now that school and my state licensure are behind me, I can breathe again!  Thank you Missy and NeurOptimal!”  (J.A. from Perryville, AR)

"After going through a drastic, life-changing event, we learned about Neuroptimal through Missy Sorrells.  I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her using this technique.  She gives caring, knowledgeable guidance through the process.  After each visit, I was more relaxed, centered, and confident.  After about 12 visits, I felt reset.   I would recommend this training to anyone looking to work through change or challenging times"  (M.W. from Little Rock, AR)

"I started going to Neuroptimal sessions because I was feeling "stuck",  I had several issues that I really needed to address and just could not seem to move forward: one being getting my house in order for selling.  Every time I thought of what needed to be done, I just felt so overwhelmed and could not even tackle the smallest thing and therefore would do nothing, which added to my anxiety.  Also, I seemed to have a lot of 'chatter" going on in my head most of the time which impeded on my sense of peace and ability to focus.  After just one Neuroptimal session I felt a difference!  I was so relaxed and the chatter had almost ceased,.  It gave me a wonderful sense of focus in my work, which seemed to make it easy rather than a chore- this lasted for days- I was so excited and went back for a block of more sessions. The sense of peace and calmness continued and it allowed me to start work on my house which really blew me away because it had been such a mountain in my mind.


The other big issue for me was how I was relating with my teenage son- we constantly seemed to be at loggerheads with one another and interactions often ended in heated arguments- I really wanted this to change.  My new found sense of peace didn't always allow me to respond to him in the best manner as he was still one person who could push my buttons. Missy suggested that he start coming to sessions and finally he did consent to go.  Well, this was fantastic!  He loved Missy and the sessions really helped him, especially to navigate through a break up which emotionally really tore at him.  I have watched him change as he has been going to sessions, Neuroptimal has spurred a desire in him to grow himself and we are now able to communicate in more calm and meaningful ways with one another. I would highly recommend Neuroptimal for individuals and families based on how it has helped my son and myself."

(D.G. from Little Rock, AR)

"My daughter (A.C.) was in a terrible auto accident her first semester of college. (October 2016).    She suffered several injuries, among them a traumatic brain injury.  She was unable to complete the semester due to confusion, memory loss, headaches, brain fog and the inability to focus.    We were told by every physician treating her that she would need at least a year off of school to allow her brain to heal and even that may not be enough time.  She was able to travel by Thanksgiving so we brought her home with the best case scenario being she may be able to return to school in Fall 2017…. if all went well.

During the holiday, a friend told us about Missy and the Neuroptimal brain training.  We were willing to try anything to help relieve the headaches. Missy saw her for sessions as often as possible during the remainder of November and throughout the holidays.   A.C, noticed pain relief after the first 3 sessions.  She also noticed that she felt calmer and her thoughts were ‘less scattered’ after each training session.  By the end of the first 6 sessions, all of us realized she was improving quickly.  Her speech was better, her thoughts were connected and she was communicating her thoughts more effectively.  We were absolutely thrilled that she was getting such great results.  The neurologists who were treating her were dumbfounded at the improvement.  They simply said, “keep doing what you are doing!”.   Long story short…A.C. was able to successfully return to school in the spring semester of 2017, (12 weeks after the accident).   It was challenging but she defied all odds and we know Neuroptimal made the difference.
(D.B. from Little Rock, AR)

More local testimonials coming soon! (please click on "Who Can Benefit" tab for other world-wide testmonials)

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